Brentwood Greenland New Castle Rochester
Danville Hampstead Newfields Rollinsford
Dover Hampton Newington Rye
Durham Hampton Falls Newmarket Sandown
East Kingston Kensington Newton Seabrook
Epping Kingston North Hampton Somersworth
Exeter Lee Plaistow South Hampton
Fremont Madbury Portsmouth Stratham

Society for the Protection of NH Forests

Lubberland Creek at dawn

The Nature Conservancy

Durham Point Sedge Meadow, Durham
Lubberland Creek Preserve, Newmarket
Packer Bog, Portsmouth
Powwow River, Kingston

New Hampshire Audubon

Bellamy River (Dover)
Brookside (South Hampton)


Most of the state parks in this region are beaches and do not have trails per se, but feel free to visit the Regional Link to see them all. There are some very cool military forts in this region, so if you’re into history they’re worth checking out.

Ordione Point State Park, Rye
Wentworth Coolidge Mansion State Park, Portsmouth

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