Winn Mountain

Winn Mountain is a relatively small peak west of Manchester in the Monadnock foothills. It’s an easy climb that rewards you with beautiful views of Monadnock as well as the other mountains in the area. On clear days you can see to the Uncanoonucs (Goffstown) and Pack Monadnocks (Peterborough). For only 1686 feet, that’s pretty good. While there is no trail map, the way up is easy to follow and begins as an abandoned road that will take you a good way up. On the way you’ll pass overgrown and long abandoned orchards and oddly, what appears to be a pet burial site right on the side of the trail. It’s quite a ways up so seems like an odd place for a pet’s grave.

The climb takes you past wildflowers galore including fern leaf false foxglove. Among the flowering trees is the alternate-leafed dogwood which puts on a showy display every spring. The invasive species Autumn Olive is also rumored to be present, but I didn’t see it on my hike. In summer it produces pale yellow flowers shaped a bit like trumpets and in the fall it has large, red berries. On the peak are plenty of small trees and wildflowers like the plentiful blue-stemmed goldenrod. There are also a couple of stone camp fire rings.

How to get there –

Head for the town of Lyndeborough, NH

From Route 101 west turn onto Route 31 north (for 5.2 miles) then turn on Center Road north (for 1.3 miles) to Pinnacle Road north (for 0.3 miles) to Holt Road northwest (dirt road; for 0.1 miles) and finally to Joslin Road west (dirt road; for 0.2 miles). Parking is next to a residence and I believe the mountain is still private land, so don’t abuse the privilege of hiking here.

You can find an unofficial map here that gives you an idea of how the trail works up the mountain.

More photos can be found here.

Happy trails and remember to carry out what you carry in (and pick up after those who don’t) and please leash your dogs! Also please respect local rules and regulations.

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